Singapore: Chili crab and other famous dishes

Of course, no visit to another city would be complete without spending time eating and trying the local cuisine. I've had my fair share of Nasi Lemak but I also tried new dishes this time. For instance, char kway teow, which are flat rice noodles stir-fried with lard, dark and light soy sauce, chilli, de-shelled… Continue reading Singapore: Chili crab and other famous dishes


Tokyo: Nighttime in Shinjuku

After our visit to Shibuya we went back to Shinjuku, where we were also staying in our hotel. We walked around the area to the West of Shinjuku Station, between the station and the post office. In this area are lots of shops, including Yodobashi Camera. This is a chain store mainly selling electronic products… Continue reading Tokyo: Nighttime in Shinjuku