Tokyo: Tajimaya coffee shop

On our last day we were strolling through Shinjuku and found a hidden gem, a fantastic little coffee shop, tucked away in one of the corners of Shinjuku. Tajimaya is slightly to the North-East of Shinjuku station, at the corner of a quiet street.

The prices for a coffee and a small piece of cake are quite high – even for Tokyo. But the service is excellent and the whole shop just a peaceful oasis. The waitresses are very calm, their movements are precise and gentle and it is just a joy to watch the barista roasting, grinding and making coffee.

We ordered two black coffees, one was a softer American roast that went well with the green tea cake (for me) and the other was the original roast that Patrick enjoyed with a slice of apple pie. Both were very delicious and easily the best coffees we had during our visit to Tokyo.

Our coffees and cakes were served on some of the most beautiful china I have ever seen. It was total bliss and I ignored the signs that said ‘no photography’ to snap a few pictures

Useful info:

  • The address is 1-2-6 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Time Out has a map on its website that can help you find it
  • You can get there easily from Shinjuku station, I believe exit 3 from the Shinjuku line is the closest
  • The coffee shop is open every day from 10am-11pm daily

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