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Review: Passion by Gerard Dubois

+++ Since posting this, Passion has moved across the street to the new Avenue building +++ Looking through my blog I am surprised that I never wrote about Passion by Gerard Dubois. We used to live almost opposite the on in Wan Chai and so it was no wonder that we regularly visited it and… Continue reading Review: Passion by Gerard Dubois

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Review: Chi Lin Vegetarian

I was not sure whether I should call it Chi Lin Vegetarian or Nan Lian Garden Vegetarian restaurant... The restaurant is located in the beautiful Nan Lian Garden but of course, as it serves vegetarian food, it also 'belongs' to the Chi Lin nunnery, which is next door. The restaurant is hidden behind a waterfall… Continue reading Review: Chi Lin Vegetarian

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Review: OVO Cafe

Now that I know where the Old Wan Chai Market is, I explored the cafe that sits now in the renovated building. It is called OVO Cafe and it sits in a green garden! The cafe shares the location with a flower shop, so no wonder there are orchids, succulents and other plants dotted around… Continue reading Review: OVO Cafe

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Review: Toast Box

Toast Box is nothing special, it is a Singapore chain store with several outlets across Hong Kong but I really enjoy their freshly toasted bread with kaya and a strong & sweet tea, coffee or both (yuanyang). Toast Box specialises in Singaporean/Malaysian fare such as beef rendang, laksa, pandan cake and Nanyang coffee. There are… Continue reading Review: Toast Box

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Review: Afternoon tea at the Cafe Causette at the Mandarin Oriental

Last Saturday we made a spontaneous decision to visit the Cafe Causette at the Mandarin Oriental - for no specific reason other than Patrick and I had time to spare and we were close by. Patrick had never been before and while I had visited it twice already, I've never tried the afternoon tea. So… Continue reading Review: Afternoon tea at the Cafe Causette at the Mandarin Oriental

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Interview with The Mixing Bowl

Would it not be great if you could not just read this interview but actually taste the fantastic creations that The Mixing Bowl create? Yes, it would! I have been to their place and I know that the small of freshly baked bread and the taste of sweet macaroons goes well with a hot coffee.… Continue reading Interview with The Mixing Bowl