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Review: Chi Lin Vegetarian

I was not sure whether I should call it Chi Lin Vegetarian or Nan Lian Garden Vegetarian restaurant… The restaurant is located in the beautiful Nan Lian Garden but of course, as it serves vegetarian food, it also ‘belongs’ to the Chi Lin nunnery, which is next door.

Nan Lian Garden

The restaurant is hidden behind a waterfall and surrounded by the serene Nan Lian Garden’s lotus ponds, bonsai trees and koi-filled pond. It serves lunch and dinner every day, and afternoon snacks during the weekend and public holidays. We went in February, on a Sunday, and decided to try the suggested ‘Five Fortune Blessings’ lunch menu for two people (for 376 HKD).

The menu changes regularly and is very seasonal, so this time, with us going in winter, there were lot of mushroom dishes that were either in soup or stewed.

We had some very good stir fried porcini mushrooms, and a dish with cauliflower mushrooms and pak choi. There was also some braised soy gluten & mushroom casserole which was very yummy.

Nan Lian Garden Vegetarian Restaurant 2015-1

The deep fried beancurd sheet rolls were not too fatty and the filling was very tasty.

Nan Lian Garden Vegetarian Restaurant 2015-2

The only dish I could not really enjoy was the baked beancurd with truffle sauce, which was far too rich.

Would I eat there again? Yes, it is very good food. I have been numerous times and always tried something new that I enjoyed. The dishes are also very reasonable priced, so it is good value for money. The only downside is that the restaurant is often very busy and if you come at lunch time you might have to wait a bit.

Chi Lin Vegetarian
Nan Lian Garden, 60 Fung Tak Road, Diamond Hill
Tel. 3658 9388


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