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TramOramic Tour

I was recently invited on a sightseeing trip of a very different style - not on a bus or boat, but on a tram. Hong Kong Tramways has just launched the TramOramic Tour, which is a 1-hour sightseeing journey aboard a unique 1920s style tram with authentic tales of local life. A few days ago… Continue reading TramOramic Tour

HK Island, Hong Kong

Bowrington Road Market: Durian, jackfruit and other fruits

It's that time of the year again... the markets are full with the king of the fruit: Durian. You either love or hate it. Walking through the narrow roads of the Bowrington Road Market in Wan Chai, there were boxes next to boxes of Durian fruit. And my pictures are misleading, there were lots of… Continue reading Bowrington Road Market: Durian, jackfruit and other fruits

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Visit to the Affordable Art Fair 2015

And another art exhibition. This time, the Affordable Art Fair 2015 - which is still on today, if you want to go (good choice in this rainy weather!). The exhibition is a mix of young and upcoming artists as well as well-established ones that sell prints. It features artists and galleries from around the globe… Continue reading Visit to the Affordable Art Fair 2015

HK Island, Hong Kong

Sunny days in Hong Kong

Apologies for my blogging absence - the nice and sunny weather was to blame! I have been to busy exploring and enjoying Hong Kong! We had particularly bad weather after the Chinese New Year. March was windy, grey and rainy. But April has been fantastic - the month allowed me to go out a lot… Continue reading Sunny days in Hong Kong

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Review: Chi Lin Vegetarian

I was not sure whether I should call it Chi Lin Vegetarian or Nan Lian Garden Vegetarian restaurant... The restaurant is located in the beautiful Nan Lian Garden but of course, as it serves vegetarian food, it also 'belongs' to the Chi Lin nunnery, which is next door. The restaurant is hidden behind a waterfall… Continue reading Review: Chi Lin Vegetarian

HK Island, Hong Kong

Pak Tai Temple in Wan Chai

The Pak Tai Temple is the largest temple on Hong Kong Island, and for some reason, it took me more than four years to visit it! It is not that hidden, but it is also not that obvious. You have to walk along the Stone Nullah Lane, past the Blue House, and then keep going… Continue reading Pak Tai Temple in Wan Chai

HK Island, Hong Kong

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Wan Chai

Normally I would not post about 'just' a church. But what makes this church special (and I know this because of the Wan Chai Urban Myths tour) is that it is not easily recognised as such. Of course, if you walk along Star Street and read what it says next to the entrance of a… Continue reading Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Wan Chai

HK Island, Hong Kong

Blue House in Wan Chai

The Blue House in Wan Chai is very well-known for its striking colour. But interestingly, it was not always bright blue. That's just a recent addition to the four storey block that sits at 72-74A Stone Nullah Lane in Wan Chai. It is one of the very few remaining examples of Tong Lau (here is… Continue reading Blue House in Wan Chai

HK Island, Hong Kong, Restaurant Review

Review: OVO Cafe

Now that I know where the Old Wan Chai Market is, I explored the cafe that sits now in the renovated building. It is called OVO Cafe and it sits in a green garden! The cafe shares the location with a flower shop, so no wonder there are orchids, succulents and other plants dotted around… Continue reading Review: OVO Cafe