HK Island, Hong Kong

Bowrington Road Market: Durian, jackfruit and other fruits

It's that time of the year again... the markets are full with the king of the fruit: Durian. You either love or hate it. Walking through the narrow roads of the Bowrington Road Market in Wan Chai, there were boxes next to boxes of Durian fruit. And my pictures are misleading, there were lots of… Continue reading Bowrington Road Market: Durian, jackfruit and other fruits

HK Island, Hong Kong

Market discovery: Chinese strawberry

Coming from Europe, June is strawberry season for me... so how happy was I to read that May-June is also the season for Chinese strawberries?! Well, not everything that goes by the same name is the same fruit in East and West. The Chinese strawberry looks different - it is also called Waxberry, Yumberry or… Continue reading Market discovery: Chinese strawberry


Hanoi: Street markets

There are so many markets in Hanoi - it's difficult not to visit them. I love all the small street markets that seem to are dotted around the city - you just walk a few steps and suddenly in a corner or alleyway is a market with young girls and old ladies selling local produce.… Continue reading Hanoi: Street markets