Hong Kong

Impressions from Handmade Hong Kong in Discovery Bay

Sunday saw me going back to Discovery Bay for the first time in months... and I had a very good reason: I was exploring Handmade Hong Kong, a showcase and gathering place for independent artists and crafters. The focus is on local, independent vendors selling their handmade or self-designed wares - and these can include… Continue reading Impressions from Handmade Hong Kong in Discovery Bay


Hanoi: Street markets

There are so many markets in Hanoi - it's difficult not to visit them. I love all the small street markets that seem to are dotted around the city - you just walk a few steps and suddenly in a corner or alleyway is a market with young girls and old ladies selling local produce.… Continue reading Hanoi: Street markets


Taipei: Street market food

Taipei is famous for its night markets - but they actually already start in the late afternoon. So after we visited the Bao-an temple it was still early, but a street close by was already setting up the stalls for the street food vendors. They were already selling the first dishes to some locals, who… Continue reading Taipei: Street market food