Hong Kong, Vietnam

Hanoi: Quan Ba flower night market

Back to my posts about Hanoi...While our main plan was to only relax in Hanoi and drink Vietnamese coffee, we agreed that we would spend one day photo shooting. We decided to get up at 4am in the morning, so we could visit the Quan Ba flower market. This is a wholesale flower market which… Continue reading Hanoi: Quan Ba flower night market

HK Island, Hong Kong

Night Market – PMQ Central

Yesterday was the first night of the Night Market at PMQ Central - and it was a great opening night! The former Police Married Quarters (hence PMQ) in Central has been renovated and launched as a a creative hub for local design talent. The site is a grade three historical building, and consists of a… Continue reading Night Market – PMQ Central


Taipei: Street market food

Taipei is famous for its night markets - but they actually already start in the late afternoon. So after we visited the Bao-an temple it was still early, but a street close by was already setting up the stalls for the street food vendors. They were already selling the first dishes to some locals, who… Continue reading Taipei: Street market food