48 hours with me in Hanoi

Let's continue with my little ad hoc series about travel tips. After Singapore, it's now time so summarise what to best see and do in Hanoi. Just remember, when you read my tips, they are all from my point of view, from an art & food loving person who travels with her husband, friends and… Continue reading 48 hours with me in Hanoi


Hanoi: Street markets

There are so many markets in Hanoi - it's difficult not to visit them. I love all the small street markets that seem to are dotted around the city - you just walk a few steps and suddenly in a corner or alleyway is a market with young girls and old ladies selling local produce.… Continue reading Hanoi: Street markets

Hong Kong

Hanoi: Old quarter and St. Joseph’s Cathedral

St. Joseph's Cathedral resembles Notre Dame de Paris - of course, once you look around the cathedral there are lots of small shops, markets and streets that look like anything else than shops, markets and streets you would find in Europe! You are in Asia, in Hanoi, so there are lots of fresh food stalls,… Continue reading Hanoi: Old quarter and St. Joseph’s Cathedral