HK Island, Hong Kong

Hopewell Centre in Wan Chai

The Hopewell Centre is a key part of Hong Kong’s skyline – it’s round shape clearly stands out. But there is more to the building than you might know. Here are some facts and myths about it:

Hopewell Centre 1

  • The Hopewell Centre is 216 metres high and has 64 storeys – it is the first circular skyscraper in Hong Kong and was built in 1980. Back then it was the highest building, surpassing Jardine House. It was also the second tallest building in Asia at the time. It kept its title in Hong Kong until 1989, when the Bank of China Tower was completed
  • Rumour has it that Sir Gordon Wu, the designer and owner, heard a radio announcement back in 1969 about the opening of the Harbour Cross Tunnel. He figured that it would be convenient to build an office tower outside of Central/Admiralty, which is much easier to reach through the new tunnel – but it took eight years until the construction was started in 1977
  • When Sir Gordon Wu designed the building, he came up with a circular design that does not need columns inside and hence guarantees maximum efficiency. But it has a few very specific features – as he is superstitious. So to ensure that the Hopewell business thrives and grows, he added a pool of water on the top and a revolving restaurant to keep the water and hence wealth moving
  • The front entrance is on the ground floor – but the building stands on the slope of a hill so steep that the back entrance is on the 17th floor towards Kennedy Road
  • There are plans to expand the Hopewell Centre… and construction is already underway. Initially, plans were to build a a 93-storey “Mega Tower” plan, now renamed “Hopewell Centre II”. These plans have been scaled down following public opposition and the new development will have 55 storeys and be a mix of a hotel, convention and exhibition centre, which should be completed in 2018

Hopewell Centre 2


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      1. The food tasted great, the service was good, and it was very conveniently located to where I was staying in Wan Chai the last two times I was in town!

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