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Hopewell Centre in Wan Chai

The Hopewell Centre is a key part of Hong Kong's skyline - it's round shape clearly stands out. But there is more to the building than you might know. Here are some facts and myths about it: The Hopewell Centre is 216 metres high and has 64 storeys - it is the first circular skyscraper… Continue reading Hopewell Centre in Wan Chai

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Hiking: North Point to Hopewell Centre

Another weekend gone, another hike under my belt. I really enjoy trying out different routes, so this weekend was no different. We met up at North Point MTR station and walked for about 3 hours to reach Hopewell Centre. It was a slightly different route than usual, as we didn't start from Quarry Bay. From… Continue reading Hiking: North Point to Hopewell Centre