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Hiking: North Point to Hopewell Centre

Another weekend gone, another hike under my belt. I really enjoy trying out different routes, so this weekend was no different. We met up at North Point MTR station and walked for about 3 hours to reach Hopewell Centre.

North Point to Hopewell Centre 1

It was a slightly different route than usual, as we didn’t start from Quarry Bay. From North Point MTR we walked along Aroma Walk until we reached Braemar Hill.

North Point to Hopewell Centre 2

From there it is all uphill until we hit Sir Cecil’s Ride, which is just flat and winding along Mount Butler. That’s the easiest part, but after that we had to climb from Siu Ma Shan almost all the way to Mount Butler… we just turned right slightly beforehand to go to Jardine’s Lookout … where we enjoyed great views…

North Point to Hopewell Centre 3

North Point to Hopewell Centre 4

North Point to Hopewell Centre 5

…and from there all the way down to Park View.

Most hikers stopped there, it was already a 7km hike with 500m ascent (but because it went up and down, it felt more than that) and had taken 2 hours, most people left the hike there. Only Ken, Victor and two others joined me on the walk downhill, to hit Bowen Road and walk to Hopewell Centre.


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