HK Island, Hong Kong

Walk along Bowen Road

We spent the first day of 2015 walking around Wan Chai – it was such a beautiful day. I can’t believe we had 20 degrees and sunshine at lunchtime, while it was cold and snowing in most parts of Europe. We were sweating and staying in the shade, trying to be careful not to get sunburnt!

Bowen Road 5

I took my parents to Bowen Road – which runs from Magazine Gap Road in the West to Stubbs Road in the East. It is flat, easy to access and what makes it nice is that it is a tree-lined route with great views over the city.

Bowen Road 1

Unfortunately, it is still in danger of being taken over by cars (here’s my earlier post about the petition to save Bowen Road) and as you can see from the signs, it is still not decided whether a hotel with car access will be allowed/built. Hopefully not!

Bowen Road 2

Bowen Road 3

Bowen Road is lush, green and covered in dense vegetation – it really is unbelievable that you are in the middle of a very busy city with more than 7 million inhabitants. But then, if you look over to the harbour, of course, you see the high-rise buildings, all densely packed next to each other!

Bowen Road 4

Bowen Road 6 View over Wan Chai

Bowen Road 7 View over Wan Chai

You can glimpse at some fantastic houses and villas up on the hill – like this one, which is currently the only house designed by Frank Gehry in Hong Kong (here’s a blog post about the 2011 exhibition to commemorate that the house was just finished and another one about the house itself):

Bowen Road 9 Frank Gehry House on Stubbs Road


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