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Hiking: Lantau Trail Stage 9

A few weekends ago Monica and I went hiking again – but I’ve only discovered my photos after sorting and blogging about Tokyo. Therefore apologies for the delay, it was back in early November when we went on Lantau Trail stage 9 which started at Shek Pik and went to Shui Hau. It is a very nice hike, 6.5km long and very scenic.

Lantau Trail 9-1

The hike started at the Shek Pik reservoir – and as you can see, we’ve had a few dry days and weeks. The reservoir is not very full, it is surrounded by brown rocks and stones.

Lantau Trail 9-2 Reservoir

We followed the yellow Lantau Trail signs for Shui Hau via the Lo Kei Wan Bay.

Lantau Trail 9-3 Signs

The first 20 minutes were easy, downhill on a paved road. It took us past the Shek Pik Prison in the Tung Wan Bay, and we could see the white main building overlooking the bay.

Lantau Trail 9-4 Prison in the background

The trail then turned left into greenery and evolved into a sand trail with occasional stone steps, lined with groves of bamboo.

Lantau Trail 9-5

The path ascended on natural and man-made stone and we took a break to peak back onto a beautiful beach in the background. It is all very lush, lots of green and dense vegetation, a few small streams running towards the bay and very quiet, except for a few mountainbikers carrying their bikes up the steps (we were wondering why they were doing this, but then saw that afterwards was a beautiful road to ride) and two campers, who had set up tents close to the Lo Kei Wan Bay.

Lantau Trail 9-6 Vow on the way

The only other creature we saw was a cow standing on the middle of our path, but we were not interesting enough, so we passed quickly and then continued to walk towards the small village of Shui Hau.

Lantau Trail 9-7


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