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Hiking: Lantau Trail Stage 10

Stage 10 is very similar to stage 8, as it is just a continuation of a previous stage. Apart from a few steps in the beginning it is a really flat 6.5km walk from Shui Hau to Tung Chung road, along a catchment area.

Lantau Trail 10-1

However, there are a few things that set this hike apart. First of all, we had to make our way through a typical village cemetery along dirt and stone paths, where we saw lots of stone urns next to each other.

Lantau Trail 10-2 urns

They were grouped together, in little families.

Lantau Trail 10-3 urns

Some of them showed signs of recent money burning activities – there were a few bank notes laying around, waiting for the deceased to pick them up and use them in the afterlife.

Lantau Trail 10-4 paper money

We climbed a few stairs, making about 80m height difference in a few minutes and after that it was all flat along the water catchment area.

Lantau Trail 10-5

Halfway along the hike we passed the Ma Po Ping Prison, which is a medium-security prison housing around 650 prisoners.

Lantau Trail 10-6

Apart from that it was a very boring hike, and we were very glad that we only continued on stage 10 after completing stage 9, otherwise it would have been a wasted bus trip to walk from Shui Hau to Cheung Sha Beach.

Lantau Trail 10-7

The only other highlight was the paraglider who flew from sunset peak to Cheung Sha beach.

Lantau Trail 10-8 Paraglider

It was a short, quick flight and we watched him for a few minutes before getting on a bus to Mui Wo and enjoying a tasty Turkish lunch at the ferry pier.

Lantau Trail 10-9 Paraglider


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