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Hiking: From Mui Wo to Discovery Bay

The other day, after our Lantau Trail Stage 9 and Lantau Trail Stage 10 hike, I decided to continue onwards from Mui Wo to Discovery Bay. This is a short 4,5 kilometer hike with quite some scenic views. I’ve walked it a few times, just the other way round, from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo.

I started from the Mui Wo ferry pier and just walked past the cooked food centre, alongside the bay.

Mui Wo 1 food centre with signs

It was a nice sunny day in late November with lovely blue sky – quite surprisingly not many people were around.

Mui Wo 2 houses and shops at the beach

The bay was almost empty, just a few people were walking around or sitting in the shade.

Mui Wo 3 beach and bay

It was around 2pm that I started the hike, so still quite hot and sunny – so no wonder that not many people were around.

Mui Wo 4

I kept walking along the bay, just following the foot path.

Mui Wo 5 Hiking

At the end there is a sign pointing to the Trappist Monastery and Discovery Bay, and I turned left walking a few steps up hill. The steps wind themselves uphill, with a few declines in between.

Mui Wo 5

All in all that’s the most tiring bit of the hike, especially as there are just a few trees that provided shade. I was happy that I restocked on water during my rest in Mui Wo.

Mui Wo 6 view over Discovery Bay

I followed the path uphill until I reached the little gazebo at the top. From there I had great views over Lantau, Peng Chau

Mui Wo 7 view over Peng Chau

… and Victoria Harbor reaching Kowloon and quite in the distance, Hong Kong island.

Mui Wo 8

From the top it’s all downhill passing the Trappist monastery, Our Lady of Joy Abbey. This is the monastery famous for its milk, although the factory (and cows) have been moved off Lantau and away from the monks.

Mui Wo 9 Trappist Monastery

Finally, the way follows along the Nim Shue Wan bay until it reaches Discovery Bay again. Just a quick 1,5 h stroll from Mui Wo on a nice sunny day.

Mui Wo 10 view over Discovery Bay


7 thoughts on “Hiking: From Mui Wo to Discovery Bay”

  1. Hi there,

    Normally I take Olympic Trail to/from mui wo / tung chung.

    Saw your post last night and decided to take this mui wo to DB route today but no luck! When I got to the end of waterfront there were three trails one on the right at the end of a sitting area of a restaurant I think. Second was straight towards some houses and the third on the left but there was no sign boards or help around so turned back to my normal route. Any suggestion to find the route from Mui Wo to DB please? Cheers.

    1. Sorry to hear! I don’t know where the Olympic Trail starts, but I normally walk towards the end of the Mui Wo waterfront to get to DB.

      First, there is a small foot path over a water inlet (you are still at the waterfront). There you’ll need to walk straight on, along the water (the path to your right).

      This will take you to a small path that continues straight on (there are no houses anymore, just green vegetation). At this point, hold left (you should pass this sign http://www.flickr.com/photos/30230730@N06/8034961058) and continue uphill. There should be a left turn with steps, which will take you all the way to Discovery Bay.

      1. Hi there,

        Thanks for further guidance.

        I took the “guided tour” ;-) today; left mui wo about 2:00 pm there was no sun at all. When I started I was planning on going by foot and returning by ferry but I arrived rather early about 4:00 had drink / rest for 5-10 minutes and I thought why not take the same way back and I am glad that I took it and was back by 6:15. It was good.

        Till now am still in high spirits and thinking of taking this route monthly or weekly provided clouds do not let the sun out.

        Thanks again and appreciated.


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