Sam the Cat

Sam’s first month

Look who’s growing!

Sam 16.5

It’s Sam, our British Shorthair. He’s now 14 weeks old and a very playful, but loving and caring cat. He’s very careful when he’s exploring his surroundings! So far we’ve not had any breakages or damages, let’s hope it stays this way.

Sam 14.5

Sam 22.5

I’m not sure he always understands what I’m telling him (especially as I’m talking German and he’s been brought up in a Chinese pet shop) but he always looks very attentively.

Sam 23.5

sam 25.5

And yes of course, he loves to play. Shoe laces are one of his favourite toys, closely followed by one of the tiny balls that he chases around our flat and the sound of plastic when he plays with a packet of tissues.

Sam 26.5

Sam 27.5

Sam 28.5


3 thoughts on “Sam’s first month”

  1. Sam is just too too cute! He is adorable, the epitome of a healthy happy cat! He looks so intelligent I think he understands what you are saying – he hears your heart speaking!

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