Sam the Cat

Sam’s second month

I can’t believe how quickly time flies – our little British shorthair cat is growing rapidly. He’s now 18 weeks old and becoming a big boy.

Sam 7.7

He’s been living with us for to months now and figured out how to reach the top of the dining table, loves to rip up kitchen paper and has got a big selection of toys now. He loves his new cat tree (finally our sofa is getting a break) with which he plays regularly.

Sam 24.6 with cat tree

Tennis balls are also a clever toy for him (thanks Dad!) – they entertain him for hours and hours. He chases them, jumps on them, tries to bite them and if he’s tired, he just curls up next to one of the tennis balls.

Sam 4.7

Sam 14.6

Even a green microfiber cloth is not safe from Sam. But that’s fine, I’d rather have him playing with that then chasing a cushion or pulling on the table cloth. I’m glad we don’t have any curtains, I wonder what Sam would do to them.

Sam 7.7 with toy

But most of the time he is actually really careful – and after a hectic playtime he curls up on the sofa to sleep. The other day he was laying under the a/c so I put a towel on him.

Sam 16.6 after vet


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