Taipei: 101 at night

I visited the Taipei 101 again, this time with my parents and at night time (here is my daytime post). If I have to choose between the two visits, I’d prefer the night time one. We had better views and there were fewer people (still quite a lot, but not too many).

Taipei 101 at night 1

We arrived around 7pm and did not have to queue to go up to the tower – once up there, we just walked anti-clockwise to escape the big groups of tourists going clockwise. Then we stood at the windows looking down at the city.

Taipei 101 at night 3

It was easy to make out the central area and the government district, but apart from that I was unable to recognise any other areas of the city. There were some signs explaining you in which direction you were looking, so theoretically I should have been able to see the mountains with the tea plantations and the zoo too, but it was too dark.

Taipei 101 at night 2

On the day we visited it was quite windy, so only one side of the outside observation deck was open to us. We quickly went outside (it was cold and windy), shot a few pictures with our cameras and quickly went back inside.

Taipei 101 at night 5

Taipei 101 at night 4

We exited through the souvenir shop and took the lift back down to the shopping mall. By then it was already 8.30pm so we were looking for a quick bite for dinner… stay tuned!


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