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Hiking: Quarry Bay to Tin Hau night hike

Finally I’ve started to organise a few hikes on my own with the Hong Kong Hiking MeetUp group – and I decided to begin with some fairly easy night hikes in Quarry Bay (by the way, here is a post with some of my favourite nighttime hikes on Hong Kong Island).

I wanted to arrange a hike on the island side that can easily be done at night time, is not too difficult and starts/ends close to an MTR station so I can easily get back to Central to catch a ferry to Discovery Bay.

View from Mount BUtler at nighttime towards East

View from Mount BUtler at nighttime towards West

I decided to start with an alternation to Philipp’s famous Tuesday night hike, which goes from Quarry Bay to Parkview. I adapted it to go from Mount Parker Road up to Wan Chai Gap. From there it’s 600 steps up to Mount Butler, along the Hong Kong Trail until the junction to Wilson Trail and from there just follow the path, then turn left and walk along the quarry and Mount Butler Road. All easy, and then after 2.15-2.30 hours we reach the Tin Hau area.

I’ve done a few test runs with Monica and then scheduled the first, small group hike. We were just five people and it was a great success. We had lots of fun, took some pictures on Mount Butler and climbed quickly up and down all the steps. The only problem was that we got caught in the rain – and not just a little rain, but quite badly actually. That was annoying.

First official hike as AO

The next time, we were a larger group and hence spread out more. We waited for each other at different parts of the hike, so that we don’t loose any one – and because of that we hiked slower, taking 2.30 hours for the 9.5km. Still it was a fun hike, we had amazing views and luckily no rain.

I’ve scheduled this hike for the next two weeks and will probably continue it for a couple of weeks, so if you want to join just sign up to the Hong Kong Hiking MeetUp group.


4 thoughts on “Hiking: Quarry Bay to Tin Hau night hike”

  1. Looks awesome! I’ll have to join the Hiking MeetUp group. Have been meaning to try hiking in HK but I’m a little intimidated to do it on my own!

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