Sam the Cat

Sam’s fourth month

Our lovely kitten is turning into a big boy – Sam is now almost seven months old and he has been living with us for almost five months now.

Sam 24.8

We get along really well – he knows there are a few things he is not allowed to do. Whenever he does them, e.g. he walks along the counter top in the kitchen and I see him, he stands still and tries to make himself as small as possible, hoping I don’t see him.

Or when he goes into the office and guest rooms (which we only allow him while we’re at home, there are too many cables for him to bite) he looks around himself carefully and as soon as he hears me or Patrick entering the room, he hides behind the bed or underneath the wardrobe.

But after a while, when he notices that we are ok with him being in the guest room, he snuggles up on the guest bed next to Max, my teddy bear.

Sam sleeping with Max 8.9

Actually, Sam is sleeping quite a lot – whenever I’m working from home or spending a weekend day at home, I notice that he’s spending hours sleeping.

Sam sleeping 24.8

He can sleep anywhere and if he is really tired, I can just pick him up, stroke him and he stays in the position – like this one, where he’s sleeping on my legs.

Sam sleeping 30.8

Sam is a very lazy-going, relaxed cat. Sometimes he talks and explores his surroundings, but often he’ll just sit by the window watching the outside world. Only very rarely is he annoyed or upset with something, for instance if he really does not want a cuddle, he can look a little grumpy:

Sam grumpy on my arm 1.9


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