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Hiking: GPS Hiker Tracker Service

Hiking in Hong Kong is fairly safe, if you stick to common routes and use your common sense (here are some first aid tips that I learnt on a recent Hiking First Aid course). However, to help any hikers that might be in need, a new GPS-tracking service has been launched. It helps police locate lost hikers.

Enjoy Hiking App 2

It is a free service and all it does is (once activated) automatically sending details of hikers’ locations to the Communications Association of Hong Kong, via mobile or Wi-fi networks. In cases of emergency, family or friends can report a missing hiker to the police and the association will e-mail the location data.

The service can be accessed via the updated Enjoy Hiking mobile application, which contains maps of hiking trails in Hong Kong and was developed by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

Enjoy Hiking App 3

To use the service, you just download the free Enjoy Hiking app and manually activate the tracking service, which stays active for 24 hours or until it is turned off. Data is encrypted, deleted after seven days and only available on request.

Enjoy Hiking App 1

Here’s a video showing you how it works, it was created by my Hong Kong Hiking MeetUp friends:


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