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Hiking: Guide books, maps and websites

You don’t really need a hiking book in Hong Kong – you could just join one of the organised hikes that are organised by the Hong Kong Hiking MeetUp group or other similar groups. However, if you want to find out more about the route you are planning to take, I would recommend the following:

The Serious Hiker’s Guide to Hong Kong
This book covers the four long-distance hiking trails — Lantau Trail, Wilson Trail, MacLehose Trail and Hong Kong Trail. It explains how to get on and off the hiking trail, what to see/expect and often provides some anecdotes. The author, Pete Spurrier, a London-born writer and editor, arrived in Hong Kong in 1993 after following the Silk Road overland from Turkey to China. Almost all his spare hours since then have been spent exploring the villages, hills and bays of Hong Kong’s wild side – so he knows what he is talking about. This guide book has been updated the eight time already for 2012, which shows you how popular it is! Available in all local bookshops or directly from the FormAsia website.

Leisurely Hikers Guide Hong Kong

The Leisurely Hiker’s Guide to Hong Kong
This is the sister book to the previous one – and as the title says, it is for more leisurely hikers who just want to bring their camera, but leave the camping gear at home. There are 33 guided walks in this book, which all can reached easily with public transport and can be completed in an afternoon. The current 2013 version is already in its 5th edition. The earlier editions are fine too, you might just have to check if a bus number has changed. I’ve used this hiking book to explore Lamma Island and Shek O and had a great time. This book is also available in all local bookstores and on the website.

Countryside Maps
This is a series of footpath maps issued by the Hong Kong government and they are designed to assist hikers and nature lovers in exploring the rural countryside, especially the country park areas. They are regularly updated and if you are series about hiking, you should get them.The current editions are:

  • Hong Kong Island & Neighbouring Islands – Edition 6 (2013)
  • Lantau Island & Neighbouring Islands – Edition 6 (2012)
  • North West New Territories – Edition 8 (2012)
  • North East & Central New Territories – Edition 6 (2013)
  • Sai Kung & Clear Water Bay – Edition 12 (2011)

You can get them via the government bookstore or just check out your local bookshop. Dymocks in the IFC had a few copies of the Lantau Island and North West New Territories edition when I checked a few days ago.

Websites with hiking information

  • Hong Kong Trampers organise regular hikes, mostly on weekends
  • Oasis Trek does not offer guided hikes but has lots of nice pictures and hiking information on the website. It is all grouped by location, so you should find it easy to select a hike that you’d like to do
  • Roz’s Hiking page is also good website if you are looking for regular organised hikes
  • I’ve seen the website for the Saturday Hikers Club of Hong Kong – but I did not sign up so I don’t know how frequent they go out for hikes
  • Enjoy Hiking is the official government website and always very helpful – it also has a great app that includes the GPS Hiker Tracker Service I mentioned yesterday
  • And of course, the group that I’ve done most of my hikes with: Hong Kong Hiking MeetUp group – free hikes at day and night

8 thoughts on “Hiking: Guide books, maps and websites”

  1. Another good alternative guide is “Historical Hong Kong Hikes” by David Pickerell, which provides a good bunch of alternative routes in addition to what Pete is describing. Available in all major book chains, e.g. Page One at 9/F, Times Square shopping centre. I also like one from Jason Wordie, “Streets. Exploring Hong Kong Island” which is a city guide with nostalgic historical description of well and little known corners of the city.

    1. Thanks! Really appreciated – and yes, I sometimes wonder too where I find the time to blog. Sometimes at the middle of the night :) Hope you’ll enjoy Singapore, I’m curious to see your updates.

      1. Unbelievable that you succeed to blog with this quality and quantity on top of a job! Kudos to you! We are busy with packing boxes. End of the month we move to another condo. But my blogposts will keep coming every day;-)

  2. Book@zine chain book store at Queen’s road had full set of countryside maps (they have good variety in general). In March i saw them open another outlet in IFC at the same balcony level as Dymocks (which shrunk alot after it moved from 2/F in same building to upper floor!) Here’s the shop list just in case – do visit one at Queen’s, small staircase from the narrow building etrance leads to the basement. http://www.bookazine.com.hk/eshop/stores.php

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