Hong Kong

Photography: Bangkok (again)

A few weeks ago we’ve spent another weekend in Bangkok – just to relax, enjoy some amazing Thai food and have a good time with friends.

It was another good time to take some interesting pictures. First of all, I really love the food stalls that you can find all over town (and all over Thailand). I could stuff my face silly trying all the different dishes. The guy below (at the Chatuchak Weekend Market) was selling lots of fried chicken pieces and was very popular. People were queuing up to try his recipe. It must have been pretty good judging from the long queue.

Bangkok Chatuchak Market Food Vendor

Next up are a group of workers all enjoying lunch together. I wonder what they’ve been eating but it must have been good too (almost all food in Thailand is good!) as they did not talk and just ate their lunch. I wish we could have tried their lunch too, but we had been eating lots of coconut ice cream, grilled chicken and papaya salad all morning already, so we were pretty full.

Bangkok Chatuchak Market Lunch Break

The next photo is ok – I had a better shot in mind but struggled with the execution. It shows a typical Tuk Tuk ride and I could just not wait long enough so that the Tuk Tuk was at the same level as my camera. Hence a short from the front to show the nice, colorful little vehicle. We took a ride one evening, only to get back from Khao San Road to our hotel. We rode at night time, there was no traffic anymore and it was fast, fun and cheap. However, I would not to want ride a Tuk Tuk on a hot and busy day when you are stuck in traffic. You’d be surrounded in car fumes!

Bangkok Tuk Tuk


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