Khao Lak: Le Meridien

You can tell that we've become big fans of Khao Lak - it is quieter than Phuket, with amazing beaches and fairly easy to get to. Three and a half hour on a direct flight from Hong Kong brings us to Thailand. From Phuket airport it is another hour up North and then we are… Continue reading Khao Lak: Le Meridien


Khao Lak: Small sandy beach and another waterfall in the national park

A few more blog posts about Thailand before I'm back in Hong Kong... Khao Lak is famous for its national parks. We visited the Chong Fa Waterfall first, which is at the East end of the national park. Then a few days later we spent a whole day exploring the West area of the national… Continue reading Khao Lak: Small sandy beach and another waterfall in the national park


Khao Lak: Bang Niang Market

There is not much to do in Khao Lak, besides relaxing at the beach or exploring the national park. One of the few alternatives is to visit the Bang Niang Market on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday afternoon. Bang Niang itself, three kilometres North of Khao Lak, is a strange little place that looks a… Continue reading Khao Lak: Bang Niang Market


Khao Lak: Chong Fa Waterfall

Staying in Khao Lak means great beaches, lots of sunshine and just a great way to relax - but it also means great nature surrounding you. Khao Lak is actually famous for its natural park. The whole park covers 125 square kilometres and runs in a west to east direction, including beaches and mountains. The… Continue reading Khao Lak: Chong Fa Waterfall

Hong Kong

48 hours in Bangkok

Bangkok is an ideal destination for a short visit from Hong Kong - it's just a 3.5 hours direct flight away and there are several different flight options to please budget and schedule. There are many options to stay overnight in Bangkok, from very cheap and affordable in a B&B a little further away from… Continue reading 48 hours in Bangkok