Khao Lak: Marriott

I guess I’ve been infecting with a travelling bug, I’ve been hitting the road quite regularly. After Singapore, my journey took me to Thailand. Together with my parents I flew to Phuket and then travelled 70-80 minutes north to Khao Lak, which is on the mainland in the Thai Mueang District of Phang Nga Province in Thailand.

Khao means mountain and Lak is the name of the mountain, which is one of the main peaks in the hilly small mountainous region within the Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park. That’s where the name of this region comes from. It is touristy as the region depends on tourism, agriculture and fishing to make a living. But it is much more quieter than most of the other places on Phuket Island. It has secluded coastal resorts, uncrowded beaches and is just a pleasant area to spend a few days relaxing.

The Marriott resort towards the North of Khao Lak is an amazing place – of course, it has its ups an downs, but there are three things that make it stand out for me:

Marriott Khao Lak 1

Marriott Khao Lak 2

1) The amazing pool that is 3km long. You can swim anytime and it will never be crowded. It is perfect, with some areas in the shade and others in the sun, parts are deeper others are more shallow. I make sure to swim everyday in the pool – as well as in the ocean, which is just a few footsteps away.

2) If you go for the pool view rooms (not the pool access) you will be one floor above the pool – but you will have a great balcony from which you have an amazing view. There will be a big seat with cushions hanging out over the balcony (sorry, my description is not doing it any justice) where you can just sit and read for hours! I loved it, it’s perfect.

3) The breakfast selection is great (just ensure to sit outside, where it’s quieter and without air conditioning) but food in resorts is often overpriced and not that authentic. So take off your shoes and explore the beach. There are so many restaurants to the left and right. The best one, without a doubt, is Ma-ma’s Greeting (to the right and at the end). +++ Update 2016, Ma-Ma’s Greeting is no longer at the beach, but the cook and her family is now operating a restaurant next to the Muay Thai stadium in the city +++

Marriott Khao Lak 4 Beach

Marriott Khao Lak 5 Beach

Marriott Khao Lak 6 Beach


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