Khao Lak: Chong Fa Waterfall

Staying in Khao Lak means great beaches, lots of sunshine and just a great way to relax – but it also means great nature surrounding you. Khao Lak is actually famous for its natural park.

Chong Fah Waterfall, Khao Lak, Thailand 0

The whole park covers 125 square kilometres and runs in a west to east direction, including beaches and mountains. The park actually extends into four different districts and is ideal for hiking, forest walks and viewing wildlife.

Chong Fah Waterfall, Khao Lak, Thailand 3

There are some great nature trails to explore but we only decided to go to one of the larger waterfalls, given it was hot and humid and we only wanted to take a short stroll rather than a proper hike.

Chong Fah Waterfalls has several pools but we only went to visit the first one which is a single 10 metres drop with a pool at the base.

Chong Fah Waterfall, Khao Lak, Thailand 2

To get there we had to take a tuk tuk from the market stalls at Bang Niang. After 10 minutes on the road we went along a rough jungle track. When we came to a gate, the tuk tuk driver stopped and from there we walked for 25 minutes on a forest path to reach the first pool of the waterfall.

Chong Fah Waterfall, Khao Lak, Thailand 1

The walk is clearly sign-posted and easy to navigate. It is easy to walk, but be prepared for mosquitos and take some water/food with you. There is no where to restock your supplies so you need to bring everything along that you’ll need for a time-out at a waterfall.


3 thoughts on “Khao Lak: Chong Fa Waterfall”

  1. Hi, may I know how long it takes to reach the waterfall entrance from Khao Lak beach? Did you take any transportation? And do we need to pay an entrance fee? Thanks.

    1. It’s about 10 minutes tuk tuk ride from Bang Niang to the entrance of the national park (not sure how long you would walk, we didn’t try) from there you can only walk to the waterfall. There is a small entrance fee, but I don’t remember how much – it is only for tourists, but I thought it was reasonable. Let me know how much you paid when you went there, I’d be interested to know! Have fun Lin!

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