Khao Lak: Small sandy beach and another waterfall in the national park

A few more blog posts about Thailand before I’m back in Hong Kong… Khao Lak is famous for its national parks. We visited the Chong Fa Waterfall first, which is at the East end of the national park.

Then a few days later we spent a whole day exploring the West area of the national park, which is next to the Khao Lak Beach. We started at the Visitor Centre, from which a small path wanders along the cliffs and rocks above the coastline.

The path is called Evergreen Nature Path and it takes about 60-70 minutes to walk slowly along it – it’s fully in the shade and you will be going up and down, stepping over roots and holding on to branches. It is fun, but not the easiest walk. Especially as it can be slippery – so don’t wear flip flops but proper trainers.

Also be aware that there will be mosquitos, so take some repellent with you. Also don’t forget to carry some water as it can be quite humid and exhausting in the rainforest – but it will be so much worth it!

Lam Ru National Park 1

Lam Ru National Park 2

Climbing along the path we came to several vantage points from which we could overlook the sea, the beach and our surroundings. It was beautiful!

Lam Ru National Park 3

After an hour of walking and climbing we came to the small sandy beach – and this is pure heaven on earth. An empty beach, a small bay and clear water to swim in. There were only a few other people and a small stall selling coconuts and drinks – so we just dropped off our bag, put on our bathing suits and trunks and jumped into the water!

After visiting the small sandy beach, we walked back to the tuk tuk – and noticed that there is an easy path from the street to the sandy beach that only takes 10 minutes! Our driver than showed us another waterfall, at the south end of the national park – so we quickly stopped there too to take some pictures:

Waterfall Khao Lak 1

Waterfall Khao Lak 2

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with this small but very beautiful national park – there is enough to see and do with the different parts that include beaches, waterfalls and nature trails. It is really a great way to explore the nature of this beautiful district of Thailand.


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