Khao Lak: Khuelkhak Temple

Next to the JW Marriott hotel in Khao Lak is a small village called Khuelkhak. We would have not visited this place, if our tuk tuk driver was not from this area. He told us that there is a nice temple in Khuelkhak that is currently being renovated.

Khuelkhak Temple 1

As it was just minutes away from our hotel we decided to visit the temple.

Khuelkhak Temple 3

It is quite a huge complex, with several halls and buildings. Unfortunately the main Wat was being renovated and did not make for a great picture. But the other halls and buildings were beautiful too, so we just walked around and took some images. This is a quiet place, not many tourists were there, so if you are in the vicinity, just ask your tuk tuk driver if he can take you there!

Khuelkhak Temple 2


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