Hong Kong, Kowloon

Photography: Hot chestnut vendors

The following pictures were taken on a cold day in Sham Shui Po – but they could have been taken in several places in and around Hong Kong. It’s not an uncommon sight to see a vendor selling roasted chestnuts or even sweet potatoes, there are quite a few in Hong Kong.

Often, when I leave my office in the evening and walk around Johnston Road in Wan Chai I usually pass one or two street hawkers too, who sell those delicacies.

Hot Chestnuts in Sham Shui Po 1

I love hot chestnuts on a cold winter day – they are great to warm your fingers. Of course, it’s never that cold in Hong Kong, so you don’t actually need the hot treats to warm yourself, but they are still tasty and great.

Hot Chestnuts in Sham Shui Po 2

In case you are wondering where I found them? I just existed the Sham Shui Po MTR station and walked around the streets. I bumped into three or four of those sellers (but I did not take pictures of all of them). Let’s hope those vendors can survive a long time – it would be a shame to see them go!

Hot Chestnuts in Sham Shui Po 3


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