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Photography exhibition: Ho Fan at AO VERTICAL

The other exhibition we visited in Chai Wan was Ho Fan's 'A Hong Kong Memoir', which runs until January 31 at the AO VERTICAL gallery. It really is worth a visit, so if you are into photography, you should go and see it! Ho Fan is one of Asia’s most beloved street photographers. He captured… Continue reading Photography exhibition: Ho Fan at AO VERTICAL


B&W Photography: Hanoi

Hanoi should be shot in colour - and that's what I did most of the time. But there are a few shots, that actually work better in black and white. At least, that's what I'm thinking. The next shots were taken at the Quan Ba flower market, early in the morning: A popular motif are… Continue reading B&W Photography: Hanoi

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Photography: Hot chestnut vendors

The following pictures were taken on a cold day in Sham Shui Po - but they could have been taken in several places in and around Hong Kong. It's not an uncommon sight to see a vendor selling roasted chestnuts or even sweet potatoes, there are quite a few in Hong Kong. Often, when I… Continue reading Photography: Hot chestnut vendors


B&W Photography: Tsukiji Fish Market

After my post about our amazing visit to Tsukiji Fish Market t I went through my pictures again - there are more than 400 from the market. Surprisingly there are some that I converted into black and white and I liked them a lot better. Here are my favourite black and white pictures, taken with… Continue reading B&W Photography: Tsukiji Fish Market


B&W Photography: Ginza in the rain

Unfortunately we were not that lucky, the rain continued throughout the following days. We decided to visit Ginza (we've been here before in October last year and really enjoyed it) because we could then take coffee and shopping breaks, visit small galleries and continue Patrick's hunt for a new camera. Walking through the streets of… Continue reading B&W Photography: Ginza in the rain

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B&W Photography: People around Causeway Bay

After yesterday's post about buildings in Causeway Bay, it's time to show the people walking through this busy shopping district. Can you believe it that the first picture was not taken in Japan? It's an average day and Causeway Bay is packed with people going shopping. As soon as there is no car approaching (regardless… Continue reading B&W Photography: People around Causeway Bay

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Chiang Mai: Favourite black and white pictures

After yesterday's post with the favourite colour pictures it's time for my favourite black and white pictures from Chiang Mai. Contrary to the colour ones, which only showed statues and temples but no people, the black and white pictures are a mix of people, city life and statues. The first picture shows a temple at… Continue reading Chiang Mai: Favourite black and white pictures