HK Island, Hong Kong

Bank of China observatory

I’ve been blogging too long… three years of blogging and over 1,000 posts later I noticed that I’ve covered most sights in one form or the other.

So this also happened to me with the Bank of China building, which I written about before (on a very sunny day). I revisited the building on a very cloudy day and this time I went inside and up.

Bank of China Tower 2014-1

There is a small observation deck on the 43rd floor of the building, which is open to the public from 8am to 8pm during the week and from 8am to 2pm on Saturday. It’s small and you can’t see that much (you can only see over the harbour side) and the windows are scratched/dirty, but still, it is worthwhile to explore if you’ve never been up there.

Bank of China Tower 2014-2

It doesn’t cost anything to go up there, all you need to do is to register downstairs at the reception and hand over your ID and then you can go up. The only thing I would recommend is: pick a better day!

Bank of China Tower 2014-3


4 thoughts on “Bank of China observatory”

  1. Now this I did not do yet, so next time I am in HK…..

    How great that you blogged so long and so consistent! I admire you so much, with a busy job and all.

    I recently cut back to around two to three posts per week, instead of daily. I will probably go back to daily blogging around september, but until then I will keep a slower pace. I needed that;-).

    1. Thanks – and yes, I know what you mean. A few times I thought about reducing my frequency too, and there have been a few days when I slowed down, but then I also enjoy blogging and sharing my experiences. It’s some sort of diary for me too! :)

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