HK Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Park Aviary

The Hong Kong Park is one of the best places in Central Hong Kong to get away from all the hustle and bustle as well as the noise of the city. I try to walk through it every now and then, and when I have the time I visit the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware or the tea hosue next door.

Hong Kong Park 2014-1

Sometimes I also explore the aviary – and if you’ve not been there you should really go. It is tucked away in the western part of the Hong Kong park and it is free to visit.

Hong Kong Park 2014-2

Hong Kong Park 2014-3

It was opened to the public in 1992. The area enclosed by the mesh is approximately 3,000 square metres, with its highest point 30 metres above the valley floor. It has an elevated walkway that allows visitors to walk through the tree canopy. From there you can view the trees, plants and birds from various elevations and the whole valley from different angles.

Hong Kong Park 2014-4

Hong Kong Park 2014-5

A forest streambed has been created on the valley floor with shallow pools and small waterfalls. Flowing water emerges at the lower end of the valley, converging into a large forest pool. This lower pool is contiguous with a small lake beyond the exit of the aviary, forming a nice place for viewing waterfowl.

Hong Kong Park 2014-6

[Credit for these pictures goes to my friend Armin – thanks for taking those & sharing them with me]


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Park Aviary”

  1. Great photos from your friend there! I do like the aviary. Did you notice the massive pigeons? I only saw them last time I went, they look like pigeons but are the size of chickens! I don’t know if they’re flightless but they were just strutting around on the ground.

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