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Night hike: Wan Chai to Aberdeen

After weeks of laziness I’m back on the hiking trails – and I discovered a new night hike route that I really like (I should add it to my list of favourite night hikes). It runs from Wan Chai to Aberdeen via Bennett Hill and is short (6km), but fast.

Wan Chai Gap to Aberdeen Night Hike 1

The hike starts at Hopewell Centre – and that’s actually the hardest part, as you have to walk up the slope to Bowen Road and from there to Wan Chai Gap. Once you reached the top, it’s easy!

Wan Chai Gap to Aberdeen Night Hike 2

Walk across to the outdoor area, keep it to your right and then follow a little bit on the road until you are back on the Hong Kong Trail Section 3. This will take you to the Aberdeen Reservoir Road and Fitness Trail – and that’s the part where we usually run and jog!

From Bennett Hill it’s along the Aberdeen Nature Trail to the Aberdeen Lower Reservoir – and on a clear night this looks really beautiful! The whole hike is just 6km with 360m ascent, but because we try to be as fast as possible, we can finish it in just an hour (sometimes even less).

Wan Chai Gap to Aberdeen Night Hike 3

Wan Chai Gap to Aberdeen Night Hike 4

The reward for all the burnt calories is a nice local HK dessert – mango ice cream, mango sago, and more mango!

Wan Chai Gap to Aberdeen Night Hike 5

This hike usually runs on a Thursday night, so check out the Hong Kong Hiking MeetUp group if you want to give this one a go!


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