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Interview with Ling-Yee’s Aromatherapy

Yes… I’m falling behind with my daily posts. Mea culpa, but life is just very busy at the moment!

For today, let’s take a deep breath and relax with some calming oils. My friend Ling-Yee specialises in creating aromatherapy mixes for different needs in life – and I have my own ‘Ruth’s sweet dreams’ inhaler for night time, as well as some oils to rejuvenate my skin.

Ling-Yee aromatherapy 4 products

I’m a big fan of her products, which are 100% good for you (ok, I made up this claim – but that’s just because I feel this way). You can find out more about her products on her website and her Facebook page

So without much further ado, let me interview Ling-Yee about aromatherapy and why it is good for you:


What is your background, how come you know so much about aromatherapy?
I did my degree in Psychology and my Masters degree in Buddhist studies so it is kind of related to Aromatherapy because Aromatherapy is also able to heal the sprit, mind and emotions. Often the physical condition is the manifestation of the previous. I was always interested in using natural ingredients initially mainly for my skin. Born with a very sensitive and dry skin, most commercial products, no matter what brand, whether cheap or expensive, irritated my skin. I was very interested in essential oils and studied them in my free time. Finally, I decided to take up a course to become an Internationally Certified Aromatherapist. In the beginning, this course was only intended for my personal interest but I got more and more interested in the field of Aromatherapy and became so passionate that it turned it into my business. It required a lot of time in practicing on a daily basis with subjects, patients and customers until I gained the professionalism and confidence I have today.

Where do you get your supplies from and do you mix everything yourself?
I get my oils from the UK because the quality control is the highest in the UK. Since I make a lot of custom made blends, I mix almost everything myself.

Ling-Yee aromatherapy 1 Detail

You have a wide range of custom-made oil blends for face and body, as well as various emotional and physical ailments on offer – which ones are the most popular in Hong Kong?
My face oils are very popular among those customers who have tried them because I don’t really promote or market them. They always come back for more because they are made of very high quality base oils and essential oils. You can already clearly see an improvement of your skin after using it for a short time. I offer face oils for acne skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, hormonal balancing skin, anti-wrinkle/elasticity, eczema, etc.
Other very popular oil blends are my Anti-bacterial/viral blend, Sleeping Aid and Cold/Flu/Cough blend that is a must to have at home. The latter one works like magic when used once the first sign of Cold/Flu is visible such as runny nose, cough, etc.
My best selling pocket inhaler is the Snore stopper and Energy booster. I always have the Energy Booster with me. I use it in the morning and whenever I feel sluggish and tired in order to wake me up; it helps me when I am on the street surrounded by polluted air (kills airborne bacteria and virus), in general when I have the feeling I don’t breathe enough or only very shallowly. I immediately feel refreshed and better only by simply using the Energy booster.

What’s your newest product? Why did you develop it?
My newest product is a “Nose Allergy pocket inhaler” because I have so many patients and customers especially mothers who tell me that their children suffer from sneezing and runny nose, irritated eyes, scratchy throat, coughing, etc. The pollution in Hong Kong doesn’t help the condition much and nowadays, we have restricted control over our environment including what we consume. I use anti-allergic and anti-bacterial/septic oils that help to calm the respiratory system and to ease and eliminate the symptoms. I have great results. Customers who suffered from this condition for many years have found relief by simply using this inhaler. It can be used whenever you need it and wherever you are.

Summer and monsoon season has arrived in Hong Kong – what tips do you have to stay cool and relaxed during all the rain, thunderstorms and humid weather?
I think staying in and diffusing some relaxing or uplifting oils that make your house smell wonderful already makes you feel much better despite the terrible weather outside. Taking a bath with essential oils can also be very uplifting, relaxing or detoxifying depending on what you need and what blend your are using.

Ling-Yee aromatherapy 3 products

You also create signature scents for events and companies – can share some interesting requests or examples where we can smell your work?
Yes, I do create signature scents for various kinds of events and companies. Recently, I created a scent for a Buddhist Gallery in Sheung Wan and a scent for a bar in Sai Ying Pun. Usually, I need to know the concept, background, vision, target group, brand of the company or/and the event in order to create the right scent.

I really liked creating and choosing the signature scent for the Buddhist gallery because their request was kind of interesting. The blend has to be “Awakening, Inspirational, New life, in combination with the Greek ocean and mature woman flowery touch”. It took quite a long time until the Monk teacher has finally decided for 2 scents that offers the right energy and scent for their gallery. The gallery is called “Princess Mandarava Thangkas Gallery” on Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan.

The bar is called “Ping Pong”, Second Street. Their request was rather simple They wanted a scent that is based on Citrus (Lemon and Orange) because their drinks are based on a citrus. I created a Citrus Garden scent for them that consists of 4 different citrus scent.


Thanks Ling-Yee, it was nice talking with you.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about Ling-Yee’s aromatherapy products and services, check out her website or her Facebook page.

PS: Missed a previous interview with a Hong Kong blogger or expert? Check out my series here & contact me on bluebaluinHK at gmail.com if you want to participate.


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