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Hong Kong Artwork by Peter Yuill

Occasionally, I had seen some of Peter Yuill’s artwork before. For instance, in The Cat Street Art Gallery (which I enjoy visiting). But usually I would only see one or two of his pictures (like the mural at 0.5 Japanese) and then forget about all him.

Peter Yuill Amex

However, I recently came across his Facebook page, and I’m really impressed by the work of this talented young Canadian. He has become very popular across Hong Kong and has worked with several big brands, from American Express to Veuve Clicquot.

Peter Yuill Dundas Street

His style has developed and he draws a lot more abstract work now, but the artwork I like best are his drawings of Hong Kong.

Peter Yuill Grocery Store

I love how he combines black ink with watercolour – and he draws the most amazing, precise buildings. Interestingly, there are no people on his images, no signs of everyday life – which is actually the exact opposite to what you would expect from Hong Kong.

Peter Yuill Queen's Road

Maybe that makes the pictures look a bit eery, haunted – but also very interesting. I wish I could afford one of his prints… I know a friend of mine has one and I keep eyeing it closely, every time I’m at her place!

Peter Yuill Staunton Street


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