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Elephant Parade in Cityplaza

The title is slightly misleading – I didn’t actually see that many elephants at the Cityplaza shopping mall last Thursday (I saw more at Pacific Place the other day). That’s because the exhibition ended already on September 9.

Elephant Parade Cityplaza 1

Elephant Parade Cityplaza 2

Instead, I spent more time in the shop, looking over all the different designs from the different Elephant Parades throughout the years.

Elephant Parade Cityplaza 3

Elephant Parade Cityplaza 4

I really like that all the designs are so different – and you can purchase the elephants in different sizes, so you can actually take a small one home (… hint hint: I did!). Or you could actually buy a blank one and then paint it yourself:

Elephant Parade Cityplaza 5

Anyway – this is the end of the Elephant Parade in Hong Kong. On September 11, a herd of 31 elephants was auctioned off to raise funds for the Asian elephant conservation. This raised HK$2,150,000 in total, and the net proceeds will go to The Asian Elephant Foundation and WWF Hong Kong, to support elephant conservation programmes in Asia. I did my little bit and brought this fellow home: He’s called ‘The Flower of the Mind‘ by Nawarat Rattanawan.

Elephant Parade Cityplaza 6


1 thought on “Elephant Parade in Cityplaza”

  1. I love the elephants! Esp. the last one you showed, light blue with little flowers! Isn’t he/she beautiful, well I love them all! You know just a short drive from Huntsville to Hohenwald, Tennessee, there is an Elephant Sanctuary. There they can live out their lives on 1000s of acres with ponds, and mud and trees. It must be a heaven for those poor animals that have been chained up all their lives and beaten and God knows what else was done to them. Thank you for showing them!

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