South Korea

Seoul: Insa-dong revisited

We had been to Insa-dong before, but this quirky neighbourhood was so close to our hotel that we decided to visit it again.

Insadong Seoul 2014-1

It is great for people watching, visiting art galleries, discovering little shops that sell artwork, handmade crafts and antiques – and to try lots of different street snacks and tea.

Insadong Seoul 2014-2

Insadong Seoul 2014-3

Insadong is filled with traditional knick-knacks. I love that old and young, locals and tourists go shopping there!

Insadong Seoul 2014-4

People dress up in all kind of styles – and it seems anything and everything goes!

Insadong Seoul 2014-5

Insadong Seoul 2014-6

Insadong Seoul 2014-7

It is quite easy to get to Insa-dong: you can take the underground Line 1 and exit at station Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station using Exit 4 or 5 or take Line 3 to Anguk Station and use Exit 1 or 6. Make sure you’ve got about an hour time (at least) so you can stroll into the shops and cafes and explore the area!


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