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Interview with HK Numb

HK Numb is one of the blogs that I’ve always kept my eyes on – lots of interesting restaurants that Irene reviewed, but then she stopped posting to concentrate on her studies and her life. I was hoping for her to return to the blogging world, and so she did – she’s back now and there are lots of interesting blog posts on her blog. I’m glad to have her back and her posts are one of the firsts one I check in my RSS reader!

Interview with HK Numb

Even if she claims it’s ‘just another food blog’ it is a very interesting one to read! She’s been to some of the well-known restaurants, such as Liberty Private Works or the Grand Hyatt Steakhouse, but also some less well-known ones such as Butao Ramen in Sha Tin and Lobintan in the Festival Walk. Plus there’s also a section with home cooked food, that she tried and tasted – check it out for yourself, there might be a dish for you to recreate!]

So without much further ado, let me ask Irene a few questions about her blog and her love for all kinds of food!


What made you start a blog? When did you start?
I believe I started the blog in 2011, but only really started blogging properly in the last year or so. I had been in London studying, and every time I came back to Hong Kong for a few weeks, my boyfriend and I would try and stick in as many food trips as possible. Recounting all the dates we had, through food blogging, was my strange way of staying close in a long-distance relationship.

Since then, I’ve really appreciated everyone who reads the blog and enjoys my (often dry) style of writing.

Interview with HK Numb 1

Where do you get your inspirations from?
I guess my experience growing up and working in Hong Kong has been mostly outside the Island – in the New Territories, Kowloon, and recently, the outlying islands. Ultimately, this has given me an ‘outside’ perspective on the food scene in Hong Kong. There are a lot of people in Hong Kong that live outside Hong Kong Island, and perhaps more importantly, a lot of great restaurants outside Hong Kong Island. I draw my inspiration from these places that deserve a shout, even if it’s just from my little soapbox.

Interview with HK Numb 2

What upcoming blog posts have you planned? What restaurants/dishes are you going to cover?

That’s a secret! I can say there will definitely be more coverage on Tai Wai and Lantau eateries, and I’m looking into some home-cooking posts… perhaps live from my shoebox kitchen?

I’m also interested in writing more lifestyle and politics posts, but we’ll have to see how that’ll fit. It’s a bit of a mismatch, but I studied Chinese Politics at university and have always been interested in Hong Kong’s political scene.

Interview with HK Numb 3

What three dishes (or restaurants) are must-tries when visiting Hong Kong? I
A rite of passage for anyone in Hong Kong should be a bite from one of our ubiquitous snack shops. My go-to is a famous stall just outside Tai Wai station (大圍小食). I order three sticks of spicy fish balls with some turnips to soak up all that ridiculous sauce. If you don’t like this, then I’m not sure we can be friends. There’s also a little stall near the Cotton On on Granville Road that does some amazing ma laa (Sichuan numbing-spicy) fish balls.

Everything else is a close second. If I manage to drag you to my old stomping grounds, Tai Po, then we’re definitely trying Yat Lok’s famous goose noodles, and my favourite deep-fried Goby fish with sweet soy sauce at Tai Mei Tuk’s Chung Shing Thai restaurant. I suppose hot pot and clay pot rice are must-tries if you’re coming in the winter, and if you’re here right now then don’t you dare leave without trying some hairy crab! There is really nothing like creamy crab sperm all over your mouth.

Interview with HK Numb 4

What are your top three favourite blogs?
In Hong Kong, I have a crush on Fungry and Fabulous. Shoe-loving and fine dine bashing? Yes, please. I also religiously follow Daniel Hungry HK on Instagram. His photos bring out a deep sense of jealousy. Mostly though, for HK food off the island, I’m stalking Openrice. Outside of Hong Kong, I am constantly inspired by the food photography of Local Milk . I’m in love with Kirby’s aesthetic and her philosophy towards food.

Thanks Irene, it was nice talking with you. I’m curious to read all about your love/hate stories about food experiences in and around Hong Kong on HK Numb and also on your Twitter feed and Facebook page.

[All pictures in this post belong to Irene at HK Numb]

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