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Review: Him Kee Hot Pot

Finally it is cool enough to go for Hot Pot – and one of our favourite places is Him Kee, a Szechuan hot pot restaurant tucked away on the first, second and third floors of a building on Jaffe road. The restaurant is easy to miss, if you don’t know which stair case to walk up or where the elevator stops.

Him Kee Hot Pot 1

But it is so popular that you have to call and book it! Even on a Thursday evening at 7pm, which is really early for hot pot. At Him Kee we always pick the Szechuan special style, but because we went with a colleague who is not keen on spicy food, we had basic beef soup in the other half of the huge pot (almost a cauldron!).

Him Kee Hot Pot 2

We were four hungry people, so we ordered plenty of food – lamb, beef and ox tongue on the meat side, followed by shrimp balls, beef balls and pork/leek dumplings. Then we had mushrooms, fried tofu, frozen tofu, vegetables – and the fried fish skin that we always eat when we are out for hot pot with colleagues.

Him Kee Hot Pot 3

Plenty of food, but so yummy – of course, the Szechuan soup is very spicy and the Szechuan pepper corns burn and numb our tongues (mala spice is so great, once you got used to it). But with lots of Jasmine tea (for me) and beer (for my colleagues) we munch our way through plates of food and spoonfulls of soup.

Him Kee Hot Pot 4

Let’s just say that after 2 hours and a bill of 1,050 HKD (including service charge) we’re stuffed – we can hardly walk down the steps to leave the restaurant. But we all know, this was not the last time we visited!

Would I go there again? Yes of course, it is a great place. I’m sure there are cheaper options, but the meat is of good quality and we like that the restaurant is split over three levels, so it’s not too loud. There are also lots of options for the adventurous eater – so if you want to try some intestines, you can!

Him Kee Hot Pot
1/F – 3/F, Workingfield Commercial Building, 408-412 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay
Tel. 2838 6116
Opening hours from 6pm to 2am


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