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Art exhibition: Soulmate at YY9 Gallery

I am a bit annoyed with myself that I discovered this exhibition late – that’s because it is hosted at the YY9 Gallery in Chai Wan, which is in the Far East of Hong Kong Island, and it is open only on Wed-Sat. So I had to find some time to go there – but I was thoroughly rewarded.

Soulmate 1

Soulmate is a fascinating exhibition of Rosanna Li’s work. Rosanna is a local ceramic artist who portrayed her friendship with her best friend Amy by creating two characters that do things together – from playing basketball (that’s apparently how the two friends first met) to drinking tea and eating dim sum.

Soulmate 2

Soulmate 3

Not only are the characters beautifully created – they always wear colorful clothes. That’s a reference to Amy, who designs her own clothes – and a small corner in the gallery is actually decorated with a sewing machine and some clothes Amy has made. The puppets/dolls/characters have been painted to resemble some of the clothes that Amy has created.

There is even a corner that shows real-life pictures of Amy and Rosanna together – they are not as plump and lush as the characters that Rosanna created, but they are two joyful women who have been friends for decades.

Soulmate 6

Some characters also hold up umbrellas and fans – to show their support for Occupy Central and the pro-democratic movement that has taken place in Hong Kong over the recent months. Not surprisingly, all these artworks have already been sold!

Soulmate 4

Soulmate 5

It is a great exhibition and I’m really annoyed that I didn’t go earlier and didn’t post about this earlier – as it has already shut its doors on January 15. However, if you come across the plump, lush and funny figures of Rosanna Li, check them out!

YY9 Gallery
206 Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 1, 60 Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan
Tel: 2574 3730


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