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Review: Crystal Jade

Can you believe it? After living more than four years in Hong Kong and eating hundreds if not thousands of dumplings, I have never posted about the restaurant Crystal Jade.

I actually had to check my blog and search for restaurant reviews, to see if I really have not mentioned the dumpling heaven… and it seems I have not. The only time I mentioned the restaurant in the IFC is in this blog post about black and white photographs taking in the IFC shopping mall. You can see people standing outside and looking at the dumpling making masters through the window.

IFC Mall 3

Crystal Jade is one of many Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong that features xiao long bao on its menu – but I personally think it is one of the best. The skin of the pork dumpling can be a bit chewy (but then you won’t spill it that easily if you poke the dumpling with your chopsticks by mistake) but I love the rich flavour of the soup and the minced pork.

Crystal Jade 3

Others might say that the dumplings at Din Tai Fung (I usually go to the outlet in Causeway Bay – but here is my blog post about the one in Taipei 101) are better – and they are right, they are thinner, but I find myself going more to Crystal Jade because I prefer the richness of the dumpling’s filling. Their jelly (made out of pork skin and more pork) is so rich and tasty, that I always have to pace myself to wait a few seconds before eating the freshly steamed dumpling… otherwise I end up burning my mouth (and yes, I have done this tons of times).

Crystal Jade 4

We usually meet up at Crystal Jade in the IFC – it is easy to get to and the service is quick. But you have to come early or late, otherwise the restaurant will be very busy and there will be long queues.

Once we arrive, we sip the tea and place our order – at least one basket of xiao long bao per person! And then we usually also order wonton in chili oil, green beans with minced pork, chicken with dried chili and cashew nuts – and if we still feel hungry we add Lanzhou-handmade “La Mian” Noodles – spicy and hot. Yes, we are that greedy and hungry!

Crystal Jade 2

Would I eat there again? Yes, yes and yes. And I will always order xiao long bao. Long live xiao long bao at Crystal Jade!

Crystal Jade in the IFC
Shop 2018-2020
Tel. 2295 3811
Open from 11am to 11pm every day


5 thoughts on “Review: Crystal Jade”

    1. I have no idea how to make dumplings – and xiao long bao seem to be in a league of their own! I happily spend my money eating them at Crystal Jade than practising for hours and days… have a great weekend too!

  1. I too love Crystal jade! I actually prefer their Xiao long bao to din tai fung. We normally order a range of dishes from their menu though, I think the whole menu is great there. Hmmm, I’ll have to go back soon…

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