HK Island, Hong Kong

Big Wave Bay or Tai Long Wan

Big Wave Bay (or Tai Long Wan) is one of the top beaches in Hong Kong and it gets very crowded during the weekend. That’s because it’s a great spot to relax, swim and even surf. Yes, you have read correctly: this is one of the few beaches where you can surf. In fact, it is the only officially recognised surf beach in Hong Kong.

Big Wave Bay August 2015-1

Big Wave Bay August 2015-2

Big Wave Bay August 2015-3

Big Wave Bay August 2015-4

But that’s not why I like this beach. I like it because:

  1. It is one of the cleaner beaches in Hong Kong and while there are tons of people on the weekend, it is much quieter on a weekday
  2. It is the start or end point of the famous Dragon’s Back hike – and when you hike during the week or later in the evening, you might have the beach almost to yourself! (But be careful, don’t go into the sea when it’s dark)
  3. The food at ‘Eric’s Kitchen’ is actually really good – you should try the full breakfast (if it is not already in the afternoon) or one of the wraps, which are really tasty. Here’s a review of the cheeseburger (which I never had) and the Open Rice entry, but I think that Eric’s Kitchen has revamped its food offering since the January 2014 English review
  4. It is also home to a prehistoric rock carving that is now preserved as a declared monument. Remaining undiscovered until a police officer stumbled upon it in 1970, the rock carving shows geometric designs and animals.

There are many small shops at the entrance to the beach area that sell you any kind of beach equipment wanted and needed – plus during the weekends, they will also offer grilled sweetcorn and BBQ chicken among other delicacies.

Big Wave Bay August 2015-5

Big Wave Bay August 2015-6

Big Wave Bay August 2015-7

Big Wave Bay August 2015-8

You can rent a board, or buy your own and keep it at a locker. If you’re interested in surfing, check out the Hong Kong Observatory website for tidal information before you plan a trip. And yes: Lifeguard service operates from March to November and the beach has shark prevention nets. Just in case, as you never know.

Big Wave Bay August 2015-9

Big Wave Bay August 2015-10

Big Wave Bay August 2015-11

Big Wave Bay August 2015-12

How to get there? The easiest way is to take the MTR to Shau Kei Wan Station and use Exit A3. Then take the bus 9 to Big Wave Bay Beach.


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