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Urban getaway: Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay is such a great escape from the hustle and bustle of hectic Hong Kong. It is just on the South Side, so not actually far away - and if you go early on a weekend morning, it is not too crowded to enjoy. We usually arrive by 9am and leave by 11am when… Continue reading Urban getaway: Repulse Bay

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Big Wave Bay or Tai Long Wan

Big Wave Bay (or Tai Long Wan) is one of the top beaches in Hong Kong and it gets very crowded during the weekend. That's because it's a great spot to relax, swim and even surf. Yes, you have read correctly: this is one of the few beaches where you can surf. In fact, it… Continue reading Big Wave Bay or Tai Long Wan

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Hiking: Discovery Bay to Mui Wo and back

A few days ago I decided to hike on Lantau again. There was no MeetUp group meeting that I wanted to attend, so I just decided to go on my own. Given it was broad daylight, there were lots of hikers out there, I had enough water and a map plus my RoadID (a tag… Continue reading Hiking: Discovery Bay to Mui Wo and back