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Urban getaway: Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay is such a great escape from the hustle and bustle of hectic Hong Kong. It is just on the South Side, so not actually far away – and if you go early on a weekend morning, it is not too crowded to enjoy.

Repulse Bay August 2016-1

Repulse Bay August 2016-5

We usually arrive by 9am and leave by 11am when it gets hot and busy. We only bring our bare essentials along, leave our bag next to us on the beach – and then Lina just plays in the sand or the waves. We don’t bring many toys, usually just some stacking cups, and she’s happy for quite some time.

Repulse Bay August 2016-4

Repulse Bay August 2016-2

Sometimes we swim in the sea (which can be refreshing when it is 35 degrees outside) but it depends on how clean the water is. Some days it is too dirty (unfortunately there is heavy ship traffic in and around Hong Kong – you can check the water quality here) and then we don’t go into the water – but there will always be someone swimming and the life guards will be on duty (during swimming season).

Afterwards we shower at the public showers and switch into clean clothes – and then Lina is off to explore the playground next to the shops and restaurants at The Pulse. There are usually other kids around, so she tries to play with them – she loves playing with bigger kids, but of course, they are not keen on playing with her. Still she finds it funny to chase them.

There is a wobbly (on purpose) pirate boat she likes and a small tower with a slide she usually explores, and then depending how tired she is, we might quickly squeeze in a visit to the indoor play area at The Pulse.

I don’t know if it is always there, but the last few weekends we’ve visited, there was a small bouncy castle next to a Lego/drawing section on the first floor, next to the shops selling children’s items. Again, if you go around 10am, before the shops open, it is quiet and you can enjoy it with your little one.

Lina was too small to climb up the slide, but she discovered the ball pit – and again, as there were a few other kids around, she had fun just watching them play.

Afterwards we usually put our shoes on and head back home – as Lina will be tired and in need for a nap. It is a good little escape from our city lives and I enjoy that it can be quiet and calm, if you go early in the day. Of course, if you want to explore more in and around Repulse Bay, you can go and see the Tin Hau Temple at the beach or walk all the way over to Deep Water Bay (which is a short stroller-friendly walk but can be full of mosquitos).


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