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Hiking: Dragon’s Back (revisited)

Yes, this is the most famous hike of Hong Kong: the Dragon's Back. The “Dragon” got its name from the trail’s ups and downs between Shek O Peak and Wan Cham Shan. I'm sure everyone has heard of it or done it before... and I have done it numerous times, in summer and winter, in… Continue reading Hiking: Dragon’s Back (revisited)

HK Island, Outdoor Activity

Hiking: Dragon’s Back to Shek O

After completing the Wilson Trail we decided to have a break - so there won't be many new hikes being posted over the next weeks (at least until it is a little warmer) but we made one exception. While my parents were visiting, we explored the famous Dragon's Back (which is part 8 of the… Continue reading Hiking: Dragon’s Back to Shek O