Hong Kong

Hello (again) – welcome back!

I started this blog in 2011, when I first arrived in Hong Kong. Back then I did what many did, I wrote a little bit about everything – from eating out in cha chaan tengs to famous Michelin-starred restaurants, hiking across the Wilson, Hong Kong, Lantau, MacLehose trails to experimenting in street photography and travelling… Continue reading Hello (again) – welcome back!

Hong Kong

Interview with Nifty Pifty

I stumbled upon Sara's blog Nifty Pifty because I was looking on the web on what people were writing about Kureha, a Japanese ramen place in Tin Hau, and then I noticed that she writes great blog posts about living in Hong Kong - and she actually combines all the elements that I love to… Continue reading Interview with Nifty Pifty

Hong Kong

Interview with The Fragrant Harbour

It's Tuesday and my next blog interview is ready! Let's meet Bernice from The Fragrant Harbour, a blog that I have read for a while but until now, never thought about featuring as an interview guest. This was an oversight on my behalf! And when I spoke to Rachel from Little Koo, she reminded be… Continue reading Interview with The Fragrant Harbour