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Review: Via Tokyo

After our great tonkatsu dinner at Saboten we were really surprised that we had room left for dessert … but we had heard so many great things about the green tea ice cream at Via Tokyo (just down the street) that we just had to go there.

We were lucky, the place was full but we could grab a seat. It is a cozy small place, with a nice, atmosphere. The menu is quite big with lots of different ice cream options to choose from. Via Tokyo specialises in matcha and milk “soft cream” along with traditional Japanese desserts.

Via Tokyo Green Tea icecream 2

Fresh fruits, okome (rice puffs), shiratama (sweet dumplings similar to mochi), anmitsu (jelly made of red algae, seaweed, water or fruit juice) and azuki beans (red beans) are just a few toppings Via Tokyo has to offer.

We played it safe and went for the mixed ice cream – one plain milk flavour and one in green tea matcha. They both balanced nicely, not to sweet or overpowering! The ice came with a neat pot of black sugar caramel on the side. It is a nice add-on, the bitter syrup complements the milk flavour nicely, although I preferred to eat my matcha ice cream on its own (tastes do differ… you might like to add the black sugar caramel to the matcha ice cream too when you go there!).

Via Tokyo Green Tea icecream 1

Will I go there again? Yes, for sure. I’ve heard they make good coffee too!

Via Tokyo
106-126 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
Telephone: 2895 1116
Open daily until 10pm


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