HK Island, Hong Kong, Restaurant Review

Review: Godenya

Normally I'm one of the last people to try out a new restaurant in Hong Kong, but as soon as I heard about a tucked-away Japanese restaurant with a sensational sake and food pairing menu, I was intrigued. Not only is Godenya hard to find, it is also very hard to book. The restaurant is… Continue reading Review: Godenya

HK Island, Hong Kong, Restaurant Review

Review: Mizuki

I have a new favourite Japanese restaurant: Mizuki in Wan Chai. We found it on Openrice and just went one evening... and two days later we went back again. It's that good. It's tucked away on Thomson Street on the second floor of Mirage Tower. The restaurant is small, about 10 tables and one sushi… Continue reading Review: Mizuki

HK Island, Hong Kong, Restaurant Review

Review: Kanizen

This is one of the restaurants (similar to YOUKA) that I've been walking past for so many times without realising it is a restaurant! Kanizen on Thomson Road in Wan Chai. The dark windows and discreet sliding doors make this restaurant hard to spot - but once you open the door you know immediately what… Continue reading Review: Kanizen

HK Island, Hong Kong, Restaurant Review

Review: Menya Musashi

Sorry - another Ramen post today. As you can tell, I do enjoy eating Ramen. Especially after a hike or workout session! However, this one was enjoyed after work and on my way to the HK Cultural Centre (to enjoy a concert). I was walking towards the Wan Chai Ferry Pier when I noticed that… Continue reading Review: Menya Musashi

HK Island, Restaurant Review

Review: Via Tokyo

After our great tonkatsu dinner at Saboten we were really surprised that we had room left for dessert ... but we had heard so many great things about the green tea ice cream at Via Tokyo (just down the street) that we just had to go there. We were lucky, the place was full but… Continue reading Review: Via Tokyo

HK Island, Restaurant Review

Review: Saboten in Causeway Bay

Continuing with food this week... we found a new place to enjoy tonkatsu pork cutlet. In the past, we liked to go to the Ginza Bairin in the IFC, but now we prefer Saboten in Causeway Bay (don't confuse it with the Saboten at the Hong Kong International Airport. That's nowhere as good). Saboten is… Continue reading Review: Saboten in Causeway Bay


Photography: Traditional wedding in Tokyo

Immediately after we entered Meiji Jingu we saw a wedding procession walking across the shrine area. We stopped to take some pictures. As we turned around, we noticed the wedding procession walking back - and we took more pictures. Only when we arrived back home did I notice this was not the same wedding procession… Continue reading Photography: Traditional wedding in Tokyo