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Interview with bluebalu

No, it's not an April joke. It's true. It's time for another interview. This time, it's with myself: bluebalu. Isn't that unusual and a bit too self-centred? Hold on, let me explain. I did not do this interview with myself and for myself. And no, I am not two or more people in one... however,… Continue reading Interview with bluebalu

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Interview with Inspiring Passions

Blog readers, meet Helen. Helen, meet my blog readers. Today, I'm interviewing Helen from Inspiring Passions - a blog that I just recently stumbled upon, after I was searching for some info on the coffee places that have opened on Swatow Street (not just The Cupping Room, but also Veygo Cafe and Manson's Lot as… Continue reading Interview with Inspiring Passions

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Interview with HKFiles

It's Monday morning... and time for another blog interview. Today, let's meet with Julienne aka Yeni R from HKFiles, who writes about life in Hong Kong. Her blog is home to a mix of food reviews, hikes and attractions - so it's quite similar to my blog, but what I do love about her blog… Continue reading Interview with HKFiles

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Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance 2013 – Part 2

After yesterday's post about the dragon getting ready, it's time to show the dragon in full swing! The only problem with that is that there were too many people on Wun Sha road (and we had not queued up for hours), so once it was 9pm and the dragon was dancing, there was no way… Continue reading Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance 2013 – Part 2

HK Island, Hong Kong

Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance 2013 – Part 1

Celebrating mid-autumn here in Hong Kong really is great - there are lots of beautiful lantern decorations everywhere and the choice of moon cakes is almost mind-blowing. But the most beautiful and amazing part of the celebrations is the Fire Dragon Dance in Tin Hau. It is only on three nights per year - this… Continue reading Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance 2013 – Part 1

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Ghost Month in Hong Kong

Last week of one my regular hiking fellows commented that he won't join my next night hikes. I asked him why, and he said that the ghost month is coming up and he believes you should not be out in the wildlife at night time. The ghost month started yesterday (August 7, 2013), it falls… Continue reading Ghost Month in Hong Kong


Tokyo: Sake barrels at Meiji Jingu

Down the path from the main entrance are two racks of ‘offerings’ to the Emperor and Empress. On the right side are beautifully decorated barrels of sake, donated each year for generations. The barrels are called 'kazaridaru', which means decoration barrels, as they are empty. I've read in one of the guide books that in… Continue reading Tokyo: Sake barrels at Meiji Jingu